[Video] Why the Arts (should) matter – A Christmas wish

[Photo by Joseph Phillips from Pexels]

Hello wanderers!

Christmas is fast approaching and I’ve created a new video for you! As you might have heard, London is back into lockdown and this time it’s a very strict one (Tier 4), but I’m happy I had the chance to wander around the city when things where still not as bad as now, and managed to shoot some footage of the lovely Xmas lights that this city offers. But in my new video you will not only see Xmas lights. You will also see beautiful West End theatres with their doors painfully shut. Let me explain why.

In my previous video, “8 lessons I’ve learned in 2020”, I’ve narrowed down to 8 the hundreds things this tough year taught me, trying to mention those who where pretty much relatable for everyone. But there’s another important lesson, that as an artist myself I could not let slip unmentioned. The treatment that my category received from the UK Government since the pandemic started, and various other statements from politicians, institutions and media made me realise that, as artists and creatives, we still have a big stigma to fight: the stigma of being NON-ESSENTIAL. Of not being considered real workers. Just people that play around, having a lot of fun. Some kind of eternal Peter Pans that never wanted to grow up and find “a real job”. And as someone who spent his adolescence/young years nurturing his passion for the Arts, studying and educating myself, working hard to pay my studies and invest in my projects, this is unacceptable.

How does this stigma translated into political actions? Well, from the start of the Covid emergency here in the UK we saw a huge disparity between the help and the criteria set up for salaried workers and for self-employed workers. Many self-employed, artists and theatre workers have fallen into the cracks of a system that didn’t take into consideration a lot of aspects of an artist’s “work contract”, and they got no support. When things where finally reopening, it was perfectly acceptable to have a shopping mall packed of people, or an airplane full with no distancing, but theatres were imposed such strict requirements that many of them couldn’t find convenient reopening at all. The treatre industry was helped with a lump sum of money only after petitions and campaigns from thousands of workers who had lost their jobs. But it was a help to theatres, not a help to the single workers. Because the Government never lose the occasion to remark how they think that “the artists are not viable”, that we “should retrain and find another job”. We have also been called “low-skilled”. What does it even mean? Who decides that a person who works in retail or enters data on a computer is more “skilled” than someone who can sight-read a musical score, play an instrument, write a script?

All this made me reflect about the value and the importance of the Arts, and probably never as much as now I feel passionate about it. As a starting point for the creation of my video I’ve asked my Instagram followers “How did the Arts help you in life?”, and the replies I got were incredible. “They gave me confidence and purpose”, “they helped me express what I couldn’t handle otherwise”, “they made me find myself and helped me show the best part of me”, just to mention a few.

My education in the Arts allowed me to come out of the shell of a shy and introvert young man, it gave me a tool to express myself with confidence, it comforted me and nourished my soul. My theatrical training taught me to trust people and work in a team, it taught me discipline and curiosity, it fuelled me with a hunger for culture and self-improvement, it instigated me to think outside the box and not be scared of being different.

How can the Arts be considered something “superfluous” in a society? Try for a second to think of how life would be without Arts and creativity. No music, no movies, no theatre, no books, poetry. No photography, visuals, graphic designs.

This video is a letter to Santa Claus, but it’s mainly a heartfelt declaration of love to the Arts and Culture and a sincere wish for a world that recognises the value that they bring to the society.

I hope you enjoy it, and if you do, please like/comment/share/subscribe 🙂 See you soon and have a very Happy Christmas!!!


[Video] “8 Lessons I’ve learned in 2020” + blog news!

“Lockdown. Quarantine. Self-isolation. Social distancing. Life in times of Covid-19. …What did you learn from 2020?”

Hello Wanderers! It’s been a while, I know.

This year had a completely unexpected turn since the very start, didn’t it? I guess a pandemic wasn’t in the cards of any TV horoscope man, nor in any of our New Year’s resolutions lists… And yet it happened, and we had to deal with it, change our plans and our perspectives, let go of something, adjust, survive. Learn.

Life has many ways of teaching us a lesson, and this was quite a brutal way but it definitely taught us something. When I asked my followers on my Instagram stories what lesson they have learned from the past year I got all kinds of answers. Some hilarious ones, revolving around having a good stock of wine at home mainly (which is sooo relatable!), other ones very personal but surprisingly appliable to all of us. From those answers emerged a common urge for self-improvement (being more productive, stop procrastinating, invest on our own project…), but also a desire for a better world, populated of better human beings. Someone in the middle of the first lockdown said “we will come out of all this as better people than we were before”. I want to hope so. It sure will be so if we are smart enough to learn the lessons that this year taught us.

I made a video about it! In this eight minutes of comedy, stumbling on French words, saucy confessions, mental health talks, tripod smashing and much more, I share with you a bit of my 2020 experience, open-heartedly. The challenges I went through, but most of all the lessons I’ve learned. I hope you enjoy it, and if you do, feel free to like/share/comment/subscribe! 🙂

Also I have an important announcement about this blog, that comes from a necessary adjustment to this year’s events. “The Artful Wanderer” was born mainly as a travel related blog: I wanted to share my experiences, tips and suggestions about cities and countries in the world, gathered during my time performing abroad and my personal holiday trips. But then Covid-19 happened. What to do of a travel blog in times where travelling freely is not possible? This was the question… Well, I decided to make a change, a small but significant shift. My activity as a blogger will not be limited to travel stories anymore, but it will embrace a broader range of topics. Which is a risk, because it will mean to get more personal sometimes too. But I think I’m ready for this step, in a way I’ve already started creating videos in which you can hear more of my “voice”. We need connection. We need to share thoughts, feelings, impressions, not only information and visuals. We need empathy, kindness, human interaction.  “The Artful Wanderer” will not only physically wander around the world when possible, but he will talk about the endless wander (funny how similar to “wonder” it sounds) that life itself is. And I will reveal more of the person behind the pseudonym, which is me, Carlo. I will use this blog for the written word, but most of all, my YouTube Channel. So please, if you want to follow and support me during this new chapter don’t forget to subscribe the channel! I’ll make sure to always create good and interesting content!

Thank you all! And enjoy “8 Lessons I’ve learned in 2020” 🙂

[Video] Watch my short movie “MOVING (to, through,on)”

This video is called “MOVING (TO, THROUGH, ON)”.

Some time ago I started collecting footage of me during some of my trips abroad, in which I was using all kinds of transportation (buses, taxis, tuk-tuks, boats…) because originally I wanted to create a video about the concept of ‘moving’.

When Covid-19 emergency started no one could predict that travelling would be no more a viable opportunity for months and months. All of a sudden the freedom to explore the world stopped.

Now that things are slowly reopening but we are still far from having a total freedom of movement, I decided to take that original idea and give it a new meaning, transforming it into a video that wants to reflect the times we have lived and we are still living. And I wanted to dedicate this video to all the travellers, the wanderers at heart, the free spirits, the seafarers, the itchy feet. While we wait to be able to travel freely once again, and write new exciting travel stories.

Hope you like it, and if you do, feel free to share it and subscribe to my YouTube channel!

See you all soon!

“Creative Journaling for Mindfulness” – The full-length workshop in English

Hello everyone!

I am happy to announce that my workshop “Creative journaling for mindfulness” is finally available in English for purchase in streaming!

What is it?

It’s a 37-minute video-workshop that combines the creative process and the use of artistic techniques such as collage and scrapbooking with the concept of writing a personal diary, highlighting the benefits that these activities together can give to our mental well-being.

In an era dominated by the digital, when moments and memories are entrusted to social media, to the point that they become less and less concrete and tangible, this workshop will bring you back to the concept of recording thoughts and moments on a physical diary. And you will do it creatively, learning and applying artistic techniques that will make your diary a real and personal work of art. But that’s not all. You will learn to savour the creative moment and to rediscover a connection with the present moment. I will suggest exercises and ways to use your creative diary to improve your mental health, if for example you suffer from anxiety or if your mind struggles to find concentration or motivation.


The video-workshop is divided into three sections:

1) Materials and Glossary, with tips and tutorials to create a collection of items to use for your creations;
2) The Creative Zone, where we will see in detail how to compose your creative diary;
3) Creative Diary and Mindfulness: how to use the diary for your mental well-being.

Total duration: 37 min.

How can I purchase it?

You can now benefit of the 50% Winter promotion and buy the workshop for only 10 £ instead of 20! You just need to send an email of request to carlopavan79@gmail.com . I will reply with all the details for your payment via Paypal or online banking, following which you will receive the exclusive link to the full workshop video, that you can stream as many times as you want 🙂

“Creative journaling for mindfulness” is waiting for you! Buy it now and recommend it to your friends!

Thank you!


“Tecniche di diario creativo e mindfulness” – Il workshop completo in Italiano

Ciao a tutti!

Sono felice di annunciarvi che il mio workshop “Tecniche di diario creativo e mindfulness” è finalmente disponibile in lingua italiana per l’acquisto in streaming!


E’ un video-corso di 37 minuti che combina il processo creativo e l’uso di tecniche artistiche come il collage e lo scrapbooking con il concetto di scrivere un diario personale, evidenziando i benefici che queste due attività associate possono dare al nostro benessere mentale.

In un’epoca dominata dal digitale, in cui momenti e ricordi vengono affidati ai social media fino a non sembrarci più concreti e tangibili, questo workshop vi riporterà al concetto di registrare pensieri e momenti su un diario fisico, e lo farete creativamente, imparando e applicando tecniche artistiche che renderanno l’oggetto-diario una vera e personale opera d’arte. Ma non solo. Impareremo ad assaporare il momento creativo e a ritrovare una connessione con il momento presente. Vi suggerirò esercizi e modalità per utilizzare il vostro diario creativo per migliorare il vostro benessere mentale, se per esempio soffrite di ansia o se la vostra mente fatica a trovare concentrazione o motivazione.

IMG_20191027_161828_398 (1)

Il video-workshop e’ diviso in tre sezioni:

1) Materiali e Glossario, con suggerimenti e tutorial per realizzare una collezione di elementi da usare per le vostre creazioni;

2) La Zona Creativa, in cui vedremo in dettaglio come comporre il vostro diario creativo;

3) Diario Creativo e Mindfulness: come utilizzare il diario per il nostro benessere mentale.

Durata totale: 37 min.

Come posso acquistarlo?

Al momento potete beneficiare della Promozione Invernale 50% Off, e acquistare il workshop in streaming a metà prezzo, a soli 10 euro invece di 20! Per farlo vi basta inviare una email di interesse a carlopavan79@gmail.com . Vi risponderò spiegandovi come effettuare il pagamento tramite PayPal o online banking, al seguito del quale riceverete il link esclusivo al video completo del workshop, che potrete guardare in streaming quante volte volete 🙂

“Tecniche di diario creativo e mindfulness” vi aspetta! Acquistatelo ora e suggeritelo ai vostri amici!



The best places to see in Antigua in 1 day!

Hello Wanderers!
This post is dedicated to my short but awesome stay in breathtaking Antigua! And it’s the perfect ‘to see’ list if you are visiting on a cruise or if you are island hopping, giving you ideas for the ultimate itinerary to do in a short time!
I’ve been performing on board Silver Wind for a month and a half now and I’m making the most of the wonderful itinerary we are currently following, cruising Florida, Puerto Rico and several islands in the Caribbean. I’m loving the Caribbean sea so much, as you can probably imagine!
Former British colony until 1981, Antigua is nowadays, along with its sister island Barbuda, a fully independent country (yay! Another country to tick off my list!). It’s perfectly possible to visit the highlights of the entire island in one day, like I did, but of course I will also give you a few tips and suggestions in case you have more time and you want to indulge in the stunning beauty of this place.
My day started with a relaxing morning at Dickenson Bay, absolute paradise if you like talc white sand and gorgeous clear waters. The bay stretches for a huge length and you can find plenty of resorts and restaurants all along.
My friends and I chose the area next to the Sandals Resort, highly recommended if you are a passionate Instagrammer: along the beach here you can find a red London-style phone booth, a little pier with wicker cocoons with tables and benches, beach four-poster beds with pink curtains and driftwood panels (at the lovely Ana’s On The Beach restaurant), lots of green coconuts casually abandoned on the sand and so on…
I was at the beach by 9:45 a.m., so I asked the barman a cocktail without alcohol. He said ‘Sure’, and started pouring two shots of dark rum in a shaker. I could have stopped him, but I firmly believe that when life puts on your way someone that knows you so well at a first glance, interfering with the masterplan would be a sin. So yes, I was pretty much merry by 10 a.m..
Dickenson Bay is not only amazing if you enjoy the milky-pink shades of the sand through the water when you are bathing and doing an absolute nothing: it’s also a great location for water sports, so get on a jet ski and dominate the Caribbean seas!


Other beaches worth exploring in Antigua are Half Moon Bay (where snorkeling and windsurfing are the main activities), Johnson’s Point and Crabb Hill (deserted beaches on the southwest coast, looking out toward Montserrat, Guadalupe and St. Kitts) and Pigeon Point (lovely views and restaurants/bars for your enjoyment).

After my beach morning I returned to the pier to join a bus tour of the island.
Our guide was a lovely and bubbly young lady called Mia. “Actually my name is Maria Belle, but there are so many Marias around… Plus, in Spanish this means that I’m yours!”, she cheerfully explained. Our tour started with a scenic drive in the direction of the Blockhouse Ruins: along the way we found a few interesting things, such as sugar factories with old outdoor machinery (sugar used to be the number one product to be exported worldwide from Antigua), big billboard that portrays Antigua and Barbuda’s national heroes (including Dame Nellie Robinson, who defied race inequalities opening up a school to bring secondary education to the non-white community), the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium (built for the 2007 Cricket World Cup and named after West Indies’ cricket team captain) and plenty of houses painted in the most vivid colours, like mint green, yellow, pink and purple. Apparently here people paint their houses with strong and bright colours because in the hot season the sun is so strong that it bleaches the colour out very quickly. I think the world would be a much better place if we had more mint green houses. Or lime green. Or whatever colour, really.
We arrived to the Blockhouse Ruins and the view was breathtaking! These ruins are part of the military complex known as Shirley Heights (named after the Sir Thomas Shirley, Governor of the Leeward Islands, who fortified the harbour and strengthened Antigua’s defences in 1781) and they are an incredible viewpoint, along with what is called The Lookout (situated nearby) which offers a great view of the English and Falmouth Harbours. If you want to know more about the island’s history and culture from Amerindian times to the present days, the Dow’s Hill Interpretation Centre offers a multimedia sound-and-lights presentation accompanied by running commentary and music (plus observation platforms for more awesome vistas of the surroundings).
Here are a few pictures I took at Shirley Heights, so you can see what I’m talking about!
Processed with VSCO with  preset
Processed with VSCO with  preset

The final stop of our tour was at Nelson’s Dockyard. Named after Admiral Horatio Nelson, this is the world’s only dockyard from the Georgian era still in use, hub for oceangoing yachts and headquarters for the annual Sailing Week Regatta (April-May). The whole area surrounding the marina is considered a national park of Antigua, and the Dockyard Museum (once the original Naval Officer’s House) presents ship models, trophies, maps and displays that recreate life in the English Harbour and pay tribute to the people who worked there. The marina is a lovely area for a stroll, with a few shopping places and bars (don’t leave before trying a rum punch).
Antigua is such a fascinating island…  The sunshine, the sound of music from the houses, the sweet taste of the black pineapple (the national fruit here), those white sand beaches… Many sea turtles, including the gorgeous and endangered Hawksbill Turtles, come to the beaches in Antigua during the key nesting months to lay their eggs. Mia told us that when the baby turtles grow up and the time comes for them to lay their eggs, they always come back to the beach where they were born, like they hear a call to their origins, an instinct, a primordial sense of belonging. That’s exatly the feeling I had with Antigua, and so had many other people I spoke with. This is definitely an island that calls you back, and I hope I’ll have the chance to come back one day. In the meantime, let the wandering continue and see you all again soon for new adventures!
[Visit Antigua and Barbuda website for more info and ideas to plan your trip!]
[Note: I had started drafting this post before the outbreak of Covid-19 became pandemic. I am now in isolation in my flat in London. I decided to keep on sharing my travel stories to keep the moral high, waiting patiently and hopefully for the time when travelling will be possible and safe again. 🙂 ]



[Video] Ha Long Bay cruise by junk boat!


Hello Wanderers!

One year ago exactly I was cruising Ha Long Bay on board what they call a “junk boat” (a modern version of the slow sailing ships originally from China): it was one of the highlights of my stay in Vietnam, such a marvellous experience. Back then I had created a video about it for this blog, but never managed to post it. Time passed and I couldn’t find it anymore, until today, when it magically resurfaced from a hard disk I had forgotten about! So, bizarrely enough, after one year exactly here’s the video of that magical experience!

Ha Long Bay is considered one of the 7 Natural Wonders of The World, and it was nominated UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994. The name means “where the dragon descends into the sea” and it comes from an ancient legend, according to which a giant dragon appeared once to help the local people in their fight against Northern invaders. After they achieved victory the dragon remained, turning into a fence of rocky limestone islets as protection for further invasions.

When my junk boat cruise started, the weather was not promising and when it started raining I thought “here we go, my usual luck…”… but after we visited the Thien Cung cave (majestic grotto of stalactite, not to be missed, absolutely stunning!), the sky cleared up and the vessel kept gliding along those beautiful rocks and cliffs until sunset.

If you are planning a trip to Vietnam you absolutely have to cruise Ha Long Bay by junk boat. And now, enjoy my little video from that awesome experience!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

[Video] Video-diary of my weekend in Brighton!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Hello Wanderers!

I know, it’s been a long time since my last post, but life got a bit in the way 😀 But I’m finally back with two brand new posts! I’ve spent a lovely weekend in Brighton some time ago and I’ve prepared this little video-diary to show you some highlights of this awesome UK city, perfect in the summer but fantastic all year round. If this video tickles your curiosity then you absolutely should check my list of…

31 things you’ll find in Brighton that will never make you want to leave!

You’ll find pictures, useful links, tips and suggestions about food, places to go and things to see!

But now it’s time to press play and see me loving my life by the seaside 😀 Enjoy!


IMG_20190603_081802_493 (1)

31 things you’ll find in Brighton that will never make you want to leave!

Hello Wanderers! I had a lovely weekend in Brighton (you can find my little video-diary here) and I have prepared a special list (full of pictures and clickable links!) of 31 things you’ll find in this lovely seaside destination and they’ll never make you want to leave!

Are you ready? Here we go! 🙂


1. The Brighton Palace Pier! 

Probably the most iconic and awesome landmark in Brighton, the first structure of this pier was originally built in 1823, and it soon developed into a collection of stalls of artists, souvenirs and confectionary sellers, as well as fortune tellers and entertaining attractions. Because of storms and war damages the pier was rebuilt and retouched several times… Now it’s a fantastic place where to stroll, enjoy a meal and a glass of wine, watch movies al fresco, enjoy live music events and much more! Like, for example…

2. …A huge videogame arcade!

Who doesn’t like the 80’s playful, noisy and tacky atmosphere of videogame arcades? …Well, I’m sure it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I’m a child of the 80’s and I LOVE IT! The Palace Of Fun, right in the middle of the Pier, will delight you with pinballs, slot machines and videogames… just remember to gamble responsibly and don’t burn all your money on it!

3. Attractions for kids and adults! 

Turbo Coaster, Horror Hotel, Cup&Saucers, Dragon Fly… Whether with your family or with a group of friends, the rides and attractions on the pier are definitely something to try, even just for the fun of taking silly pictures and having a laugh. Buy a wristband on the website, it will give you a special discount!


4. Brighton Rocks, cotton candy and lots of sugary things your dentist will thank you for!

Let’s face it, Brighton Rocks are the kind of sweets that you buy impulsively when you have a sugar crave and regret it straight after. They are the sweets that your friends bring you from Brighton and you forget them in the cupboard for months, then one night you find them, you start eating them and then you realise they passed their expiration date a year before. But anyway, a trip to Brighton can’t do without a little sugar overdose, and along the Palace Pier there’s plenty of choice for sugary treats, just go for it and diet tomorrow.


5. Seagulls that will steal your food!                               

Everyone loves the idea of strolling along the seaside savouring a crepe with Nutella or whatever, just be aware of the seagulls: these naughty mothercluckers have mastered a real art in stealing food from naive tourists and fly away at the speed of light. But if you know it they sense it and they leave you alone. But it’s a fun thing when it happens to others and you have the fortune to witness the whole action, I’m not gonna lie!

6. Bikes for rent! 

If you’re up for a bike ride along the beach you can either use the BTN BykeShare service (their bikes are a beautiful aqua green colour!) or choose one of the independent bike rental kiosks on the seaside and in the city. Prices are very reasonable and there’s a bike lane all along the beach that will allow you to cycle without killing pedestrians.

7. Iconic white & blue striped beach chairs!

All lined up along the beach, they are just a beautiful sight… Super photographable, not super comfy to relax upon if I have to be honest, but surely one of the most iconic things in Brighton. In some areas they are free (on a first come / first served basis), in others they are for rent by the hour or for the whole day.

8. A merry-go-round on the beach!   

More than one actually! But I’m not gonna tell you how many, just have a stroll, count them and write your answer in the comments below, you can win a Brighton rock to forget in your cupboard for a year.


9. Awesome oysters and tasty seafood in small cups! 

If you, like me, absolutely love to indulge in fresh daily catches of shellfish, mussels, lobster, oysters etc…, Brighton is your place. At the little kiosks on the beach on the right hand side of the Palace Pier (my favourite one is The Brighton Shellfish And Oyster Bar) you’ll feel spoiled for choice: from little pots of seafood salad, plump prawns, stuffed olives wrapped in anchovies, lobster tails, to soft bread rolls with crab and mayo, to luxurious Jersey and Carlingford oysters… Bring your own ice cold prosecco, buy a few of these gorgeous goods from the ocean and have an awesome aperitivo watching the sunset on the beach. Heaven.

10. A burnt pier!

Another one of the most photographed things in Brighton. As for the Palace Pier, the history of the West Pier is made of fires, storms, attempts to renovation, war damages… The skeleton of this burnt pier is nowadays a striking silhouette against the sky, somehow captivating in all seasons.

11. Independent coffee shops for your caffeine fix!

Coffee and cake anyone? Plenty of choice here, from the most hipster to the minimalistic ones. My favourites are Small Batch on Jubilee St. and Bond Street Coffee, but there are really so many of them with such good quality roasts that it would be a shame to settle for a Starbucks. Trust an Italian 😉

12. The Royal Pavillion and the gardens! 

If you want to lay down on the grass to rest a bit after lunch you can enjoy the gardens of the Royal Pavillion, with their luxuriant nature. It tends to get a bit crowded in the afternoon, but it’s still a lovely green oasis right in the centre of the city. And the museum is a nice place to visit in case of bad weather (or good weather if you are into museums, of course).


13. Vintage vynil stores!

While Cult Hero looks like the perfect geeky vynil record store (it reminds me of Stuart’s comic books store in The Big Bang Theory!), if you want to rummage through piles and piles of new and second hand vintage vynils I suggest you to head to the North Laines area, for the best rare finds and bargains!

14. The most delicious Fish & Chips!   

If you went to Brighton and you haven’t scoffed a bowl of fish & chips from the chippy outside the Palace Pier sitting on a bench and wiping your grubby hands on your t-shirt you simply haven’t lived, there you go. That said, there are many other good places in Brighton where to taste delicious battered cod in a more posh condition. The Regency is absolutely my go-to place, but if it’s too busy (like it often happens) then Wolfies of Hove is another very popular spot, or The Fisherman’s (another one of my favourites!).

15. A mojito kiosk!

You can find it most of the times on New Road, right near a side entrance to the Royal Pavillion Gardens, and it offers refreshing and boozy version of the renowned cocktail, to tipple up your day. It’s always five o’clock, peeps.

16. Quirky and stylish homeware stores! 

Berts, Dowse and Workshop are only three of the many homeware and lifestyle stores in Brighton where you can spend hours choosing pieces to dress up your living space, from the quirkiest to the more streamlined design.

17. The Lanes! (aka the Maze…)

This popular area takes the name from the maze of narrow streets and alleyways that compose it. It’s one of my favourite areas especially for coffee & cake (stop at Sugardough and The Flour Pot Bakery!) and brunch, but in The Lanes you can also find restaurants, pubs, craft stores and above all…

18. Jewellery shops for your engagement ring!

…yes, The Lanes are literally packed with gold, silver and jewellery stores! So, if you get the sudden urge of proposing to your partner while you’re having your oysters and prosecco on the beach, you know where to go to get a bling bling.


19. Traditional pubs for when it’s time for a pint!

The Pump House is one of the most famous ones, but there’s plenty of awesome pubs in Brighton if you like ales and awesome hearty food.

20. Cakes, ice cream and cupcakes at colourful Cloud 9!

Cloud 9 is the most colourful and dreamy bakery and ice cream store you can possibly want! A triumph of rainbow cupcakes, unicorn goodies, pastel colours and delicious sugary creations that make this place absolutely irresistible! Take a look at their Instagram to see what I’m talking about 😉

21. A comedy club!

It’s called Komedia and it’s in the North Laine’s area, offering you an impressive programme of stand up comedy, cabaret and music shows. Definitely a place to check if you’re up for an evening of fun!

22. An amazing Fringe Festival!

For ‘stagey’ people like me Brighton Fringe Festival is every year an event to look forward to, being one of the largest fringe festivals in the world (if you’re not familiar with the definition, ‘fringe theatre’ is a kind of performance that experiments in style, format or subject, usually taking place in small-scale theatres or unusual venues). For an entire month the city hosts hundreds of shows in many different locations, and you can often see promos and previews on the street in the afternoon! Check the website for news and programme for the next season!


23. Veggie and vegan heaven!

In the last few years Brighton embraced brilliantly vegetarianism and veganism, with many restaurants and cafes that focus on organic and plant based recipes. Check this list  to have an idea of what’s on offer 🙂

24. An upside down house!

It’s on the beach! It’s upside down! And it’s my favourite colour, mint/aqua green! For just 5£ you can visit it inside and take all the pictures you want, playing with the inverted perspective. Fun times!


25. A vibrant LGBTQ nightlife and daylife!

Brighton Pride is considered the biggest Pride parade in the UK, with great headliners every year (Kylie Minogue, Britney Spears, Paloma Faith, to name a few) and fantastic events. The city of Brighton has become the LGBTQ capital of the UK (you can read a bit of the history here), with pubs, clubs, events and vital services mainly concentrated in the area of Kemp Town.

26. Street art that will blow your mind!

Keep your cameras ready at all times when you walk in Brighton! Murales and street art at every turn, often incorporated in the decor of streets and shops. Stunning!

27. Lots of people riding a bike naked!

Every year since 2006, Brighton has joined World Naked Bike Rides around the world to celebrate cycling and the human body. Born as a protest against car culture, it became year after year a great platform to affirm body positivity. So every year around June the city gets full of naked people cycling. Get your birth suit on and join this awesome event (wear sunscreen though)!

28. Live music, gigs and festivals!

Brighton is a very lively city for concerts and festivals, from small venues to big stages. check What’s On to be always updated!

29. Colourful walls and doors for your Instagram selfies!

Blaker Street is only one of the many streets in Brighton where you can find an array of houses and doors painted with different bright colours (a bit like Bruges, or Notting Hill in London), from the bold to the pastel ones. A joy to watch!

30. Vintage markets and shops for rummagers!

If you like to rummage through thrift stores, vintage markets and junk shops, Brighton is great! Snoopers Paradise is a huge flea market where you can find literally anything. Don’t forget to also check Vine Street Vintage, Brighton Flea Market and The Open Market (click on the links to know opening times).

31. Striped vintage beach huts!

And last but not least, your trip to Brighton can’t be complete without a treasure hunt (believe me, it is!) to find the famous coloured beach huts, perfect element for your Instagram pictures. I will not tell you where they are (no one actually will, tradition wants you to walk your way to find them), but you can check this hashtag for a few tips 😉

I hope you enjoyed this list of awesome things in Brighton! Of course there’s more and more I could have included, and if you have more tips and ideas please feel free to add a comment below! Let’s make this the ultimate list about this fantastic city!

See you soon, people!